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Content Marketing and Creation

Content marketing is so successful because it puts the needs of the individual before those of the marketer. By focusing on what the individual wants and not just on what the marketer wants to sell, the end result is far better for both parties.

In today’s digital era, one must produce and publish consistent, relevant, high-quality content to attract many prospective buyers, gain the trust of their audience and increase sales. While most recognize the importance of content, the fact is that many still struggle to produce relevant and the right amount of content consistently. Most of them are busy running their core business and don’t have enough time to create credible content. Furthermore, it requires a comprehensive approach for optimizing content and distributing it to drive traffic from search engines.

Our rigorous approach leverages content marketing best practices and standards. We also employ analytical tools to enable companies to develop content that drives results aligned to business goals. In planning a content marketing program for you we perform the following:

  • Establish your ultimate business objectives.
  • Define the personas of the audience you are trying to engage.
  • Identify their information/content needs and desires.
  • Determine the best method and media to engage them with that content.
  • Develop the distribution plan so the content gets in places to be found (don’t overlook any social media options).
  • Establish how your content will drive specific, desired audience actions.
  • Determine how you are going to measure success (views, leads, downloads, shares, etc.).
  • Create the content, distribute the content, and measure the results.

Additional Benefits:

SEO: If the search engines determine your website is an informational and useful content source in your industry, you’ll eventually rank more highly and perhaps show up earlier in search results.

Outbound Marketing: When your content in emails, PPC ads, and direct marketing is fresh and engaging your prospects will react, engage, and take action.

Social Media: If your content is valuable, current, and original people will share it, like it, and recommend you as a source of relevant information.

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